Felting Workshop

Felt is one of mankind's oldest textiles. Felting is a fascinating technique which offers many possibilities. It can be used to make useful, practical or, simply, decorative creations.

During the Felting Workshop we get tuned into felt and felting. Touching the wool, feeling how the texture is transformed, how it evolves through patience, softness... To let our creativity flow so that we may come to an original and unique result.


Workshop Decorating with Natural Materials

During a hike we gather bark, branches, leaves, grass... depending on our mood.

With a little material and some imagination, out of these elements we create a harmonious whole, an original and unique piece of decoration which reflects the atmosphere of the moment.

Artistic Workshop for children

We create unique jewels and flowers using felt, wood, plumes... The children get the time and the space they need to develop their creativity, their phantasy and their own style.



                                  "Clothed by nature..." ..."                                                                 "A light wind ... "


"A crack in time ..."

Thanks to my handicap ...

We wish to emphasise the positive influence which a handicap may have on someone's personal development. This lead to the project "Thanks to my handicap", where a person with a physical disability, with the help of others, creates a soundscape that expresses his or her experience concerning the positive aspects of his or her handicap. In a second phase the video and audio recordings of these soundscapes will be used as a source of inspiration for visual artworks. This material will in turn be used by Soplo to organise an exhibition in which music and image reveal "the world of..."

Since 2014, Aliento del Viento continues with this project on an international level.

People "with" and "without" physical disability meet each other and enjoy ...

Musical evening

El Soplo del Viento introduces you to songs from several cultures and traditions which are used for bringing rest or for healing.

Let yourself be carried by a stream of sounds played on caisa, shanti, singing bowls, shruti-box, sansula, flute, maracas, gong, drums, guitar... and experience how powerful music can be.

"Music dissolves limitations. It brings us closer to ourselves, to others and to the mysterious essence of life itself"

Drumming workshop

Drumming together, combining rhythms, discovering new rythms, creating rhythms, dissolving rhythms in unity. Enjoy, relax, reload ...

A workshop for everybody who loves the shamanic drum. No musical experience needed! Drums are provided for those who don't have one.

"Tamborcito, cura. Tamborcito cura mi corazon"

Dynamic Mantra Evening

Singing simple, rhythmical mantras together is a very efficient way of boosting your vitality, creativity and joy of life. It is with much pleasure that El Soplo del Viento sings together with you: dynamical mantras from various traditions, which we accompany on drums and maracas.

No musical knowledge needed. Everyone who likes singing mantras can participate. You are free to choose yourself just to sing along, or to drum along or play the maracas as well.

Since 2014, Aliento del Viento continues with this project on an international level.

The weelchair - swing

Thanks to a collaboration between El Soplo and several specialists and schools, more wheelchair-bound children will soon get be able to swing...
Ben De Gieter, a student at the high-school HoGent is designing a wheelchair swing in sustainable wood. He is guided by specialists in woodwork, safety of playground tools and accessibility for wheelchairs.
Last-year students at the VTI will start building the prototype of the wheelchair swing in September 2014.

Depending on the association's funds, this way we will be able to have one or several wheelchair swings made and donated to public playgrounds.

The King Baudouin Foundation participates in this project. All gifts to the Foundation of at least 40 euro are tax-deducible (art. 104 WIB).

Organic vegetables in a double integration project

A collaboration between El Soplo del Viento and De Wriemeling will allow also people with a physical limitation to enjoy organic food baskets. De Wriemeling delivers those baskets for people with a physical limitation in a central (wheelchair-accessible) place and El Soplo del Viento takes care of further distribution of these baskets, so that people with a physical limitation can more easily buy the baskets.


Thanks to this project, physically handicapped people are included in the system of organic food baskets, while at the same time supporting another integration project started by de Wriemeling.

"Not only do we wish to provide good, natural vegetables, but we like to do this in collaboration with the people who work here. We are doing a lot of manual labour, which brings people in touch with the earth and with themselves. Hence it makes complete sense that people who are less "earthed" are attracted to de Wriemeling
As a consequence, for a few years already we frequently have people with burn-out amongst our collaborators, and the work helps them to eventually return to their usual jobs. Last year a youngster who had been expelled from school came to us... he got interested in farming and managed to go back to school later on. Also a few people with autism find the necessary structure here for them to "earth" in a natural environment."

We will start this project in 2014. Please let us know if you want to participate.