El Soplo del Viento literally means the breath of the wind. The wind is not visible, still it's the force that puts everybody and everything in motion, sometimes with a little breeze, sometimes with a hurricane.

Following his example we want to move people in various ways, resulting in an open and honest relation based on mutual respect.

Our activities are mainly focused on:

We commit ourselves to awakening people to the specific problems of persons with physical, emotional or social limitations.

We personally support small scale projects in which music, creativity, nature and integration of persons with limitations are the focus of attention.


El Soplo del Viento originates from the meeting between Els, Nathalie and Tim, a few years ago.

El Soplo

Els was a young woman with physical limitations and other health problems who, at that point, had just enough energy to do the household and work a few hours a week as a music-therapist. The rest of her time she was in bed, too exhausted to do something else.

Nathalie and Tim engaged themselves to take over as much as possible the physical demanding tasks in the everyday life of Els in exchange for music lessons, so they would gain the resources needed to organise music evenings and drum workshops in the future.

This mutual support seeded the foundation of El Soplo del Viento. A non commercial organisation which enables Els, Tim and Nathalie to develop and share their talents with others. So that more people become inspired to discover their own potential to nurture their talents, and to use them to initiate different projects.

Who are we?

els Els Remy, a person with a physical disability

  • music-therapist who widens her horizons musically and therapeutically
  • promotes the integration of people with a handicap in several (musical) projects
tim Tim Van der Linden,
dr. in mathematics

  • is an enthusiastic accompanist of the réla-hékla-evenings, when possible.
  • is responsable for website and all computer-related issues
  • adores being in nature
nathalie Nathalie Muttesch,
educator and artist

  • Creates passionate jewellery from natural materials (felt, feathers, wood, gemstones ...) paintings and collages on different surfaces such as canvas and wood.
  • Is an enthusiastic accompanist of the réla-hékla-evenings, when possible.
  • organises artistic workshops and expositions


Would you like to support our projects? This is how you can help us.

Tell your family, friends, and people you know about El Soplo del Viento

Send your full name, date of birth, address and nationality to us by email.

So we can put your name on our list of supporters (the official term is adherent member). The more members are behind our project, the more we can convince official bodies to support our project. There is no financial obligation whatever involved by this form of membership.

Enrol in one of our activities.

For a small amount, you will become a godparent of a person with a disability.

Thanks to a monthly donation you make it possible for a disabled person with limited or no financial resources to participate for free.

Donate an amount of choice

Your donation will be used to:

Payments are possible on this account

IBAN BE49 9730 6585 7071 (Argenta)
El Soplo del Viento vzw
Willem vanden Abeelelaan 21, bus 0001
3001 Heverlee, Belgium

Jump in the boat

Do you want to be part of one of our projects? Does the vision of the organisation attracts you and would you like to start a project yourself? Is logistic support one of your talents? Do not hesitate to contact us.